Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2004, Accent Granite & Marble has provided quality granite and marble countertop sales, fabrication and installation services in Odessa and Midland, TX. We are proud to help customers across the area transform their kitchen, bathrooms and homes with custom countertops.

Please refer to the questions below for some of our frequently asked questions about our countertop sales and installation services. For additional questions, estimates or to get started on your custom countertop project, please contact us at 432-563-8004.

  1. What is the difference between marble, travertine, limestone and granite?
    As illustrated from the Hardness Scale to the right, limestone and marble are softer and more porous than granite. Travertine falls into the same category as marble and is appropriate for non-food areas such as bathrooms, fireplace surrounds, table tops and so on.

  2. How often do I seal my natural stone?
    Prior to installation, we will seal your stone. Lighter stones needs to be resealed approximately every three years. Darker stones should be sealed every 5 years.

  3. What is the purpose of sealer?
    Marble and granite are naturally porous, so sealing the stone helps protect it from traffic and normal wear and tear.

  4. What is soapstone?
    Soapstone is a variety of stone found in the talc family (refer to the hardness scale above). It requires mineral oil treatments and scratches easily.

  5. How do I clean my natural stone?
    You can clean your granite or marble with any cleaner designated as a granite or marble cleaner. We do not recommend using harsh chemicals such as vinegar or bleach. You should always avoid abrasive cleaners. Blue Windex is an acceptable product.

  6. Do you provide free estimates?
    Yes. Estimates can be determined from your personal drawing or blueprint. These are sufficient for bid purposes.

  7. What is the cost of marble or granite?
    The price of marble or granite is dependent on the availability of the stone from the quarry, difficulty of fabrication and complexity of your kitchen.

  8. Will my natural stone have seams?
    Possibly. We pride ourselves on the seaming of natural stone, which can be detected but are not offensive. The design of your kitchen, overall size of the slab and the directional movement of the natural stone all play a part in whether a seam is required. We always try to place seams at a natural break point or in an area where it is less noticeable.

  9. Can I hand select my slabs?
    Yes. We have maps to stone yards in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and even Houston. Please note, we do buy many stones in bulk so you can receive a better price. Hand selected stones that we normally buy in bulk may be higher in price. There will be a $150 special order charge for shipping and handling.

  10. Do you have slabs in your showroom?
    Yes. As a fabricator, we have one of the largest selection of stones in West Texas. We usually have new stones arrive weekly.

  11. Do you carry scrap pieces of stone?
    Yes, we have a large selection of stone remnants that are available at a reduced price.

  12. What is the difference between undermount and top mount sinks?
    Undercounter or undermount sinks are mounted underneath the granite with sides of the granite showing and polished. There is an extra labor charge with this type of sink design. Top mount sinks sit directly on top of the granite. There is no additional cost for cutting the hole for these sinks.

  13. Do you sell appliances and sinks?
    Yes, we carry a selection of granite composite and stainless sinks.

  14. What is the pricing range for granite or marble?
    Prices for granite or marble range from $50 to $200 a square foot. This includes: professional field measuring, travel fees, standard edges, templates, corners, labor, cut-outs, labor, waxing-sealing, installation, stone material, and sales tax.

  15. Do you fabricate and install any other type of countertops besides granite and marble?
    Yes, we can fabricate and install the following:
    Quartz Solid Surfaces: Cambria, Hanstone, Daltile, Silestone, Zodiac, Viatera, Vicostone
    Recycled Glass: Icestone, Enviroglas


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