Custom Countertop Edging

Here at Accent Granite & Marble, our services go beyond just selling custom countertops in Odessa and Midland, TX. We boast a full-phase fabrication shop, where we can custom cut and design our granite and marble countertops and other natural stone products. This ensures consistency, timeliness, and most importantly, quality of product.

Our goal is to provide all customers with quality craftsmanship and a peace of mind they are receiving the highest level of service and installation. We want to reduce the worries and troubles associated with needing to outsource labor for cutting and installation.

After you choose your countertop material and stone, you will pick the type of edge for your countertop. We are proud to offer a selection of edges to add a personal, refined touch to your custom bathroom or kitchen countertops.

We are proud to offer the following countertop edging options:

Standard Edges – No Added Cost

Full Bullnose

Eased Edge

Flat Edge

Chamfered Edge

Non-Standard Edges

$20.00 per linear foot

Ogee Edge:
$25.00 per linear foot

Chiseled Edge:
$20.00 per linear foot


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